Gewerbeoberschule "Max Valier" Bozen (IT)

September 2002 - July 2007


Blind Watten - an online game realised in JSP

Watten is a sociable card game that was born in South Tyrol about 200 years ago. Now it's more diffused and it's played also in other German speaking countries. But nowhere is it played the way it's played in South Tyrol. In every region there are different rules. Only the main idea is the same everywhere. Because I live in Tramin, I decided to realise the game the way it's played there.

Using the programming language Java Server Pages (JSP) I created a Website, on which "Blind Watten" can be played as an online game. It's a browser based, platform independent game, which is based upon HTML code. The web browser is used as the user interface. The web server is responsible for the course and the calculations of the game.

Each group of every 4 players takes part in a game. There is no registration or login needed to participate in games and not even to create new games. For an online game this could be useful to increase the number of visitors of a site, because users prefer playing online games, if they haven't to register for playing.

Read more: Download here